Here’s to Smallness

Here’s to smallnessSmall townsOr small neighborhoods in big townsSmall businessesSmall organizations that have not yetGrown faceless & unaccountable Small streetsSmall enough to welcome• gardens & trees• strollers & bikes• food stands & little librariesToo small on whichTo drive so damned fast Small homesCheaper to heatEasier to cleanWhere the house works for the ownerNot the other … More Here’s to Smallness


dancing, flowing lightmagical, ethereal, wiseor playful and silly on againoff againI didn’t always know where you were, exactlyyou seemed to light up when you were on the risehe’s right hereno, I must have dreamt thathow did he get way over there? I tried to gently capture youbut you didn’t make it easyyour patterns changedthe trees … More Firefly

The Wabi-sabi Garden

[An original version I wrote was posted February 2020, on Digging Deeper, Swansons Nursery’s blog] In the coastal Northwest, our climate and position on the Pacific Rim give us a natural affinity with Asian design philosophy and lifestyles, which can also apply to our gardens. Japanese culture, in particular, has lent us its mastery of … More The Wabi-sabi Garden

The Waves

the waves ebb and flowthe waves enter and return to whence they camethey wash and cleansebaptize and clarifyscoursmoothen, calmsometimes tickle, sometimes poundsometimes move mountainswhether we pay attention or not the waves bring gifts from afarfood and stories and transcendent spheres of glassthey bring garbage and griefexpose our weaknesses, our ignoranceerodedestroywe pay to have them as … More The Waves

What Are You Looking For?

Thoughts exposed by — but not unique to — this year, 2020. If you’re looking for a failing society…Tragic incidents of injustice,Acts of evil, sometimes in the name of God,Human trafficking,Exploitive, profit-obsessed corporations,Lying, greedy politicians (imagine that),Looming environmental catastrophe,Reasons to not go downtown anymore,Parents teaching their children to cheat,Disrespect and oppression of specific groups of … More What Are You Looking For?


This is part of a series in the exploration of spaces, rhythms and layers in our physical world, and other areas of our lives. How we tend to fill, exploit, abuse and pollute our open spaces, as well as ignore and neglect many rhythms and layers of life as we dwell and move about. How … More Rhythms